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Need a fast way to soak off your dip without the drying effects of traditional 100% acetone? Then we've got the solution for you!  It does not leave any white/dry residue, feels like you applied lotion afterwards, so be sure to wash hands well to ensure proper prep for lasting dip.  Smells like Cucumber Melon lotion from Bath & Body Works! Not responsible for feelings of nostalgia. Directions for Use: Buff nails prior to soaking to remove top coat.  Fill a small bowl with hot water.  Fill a plastic baggy with just enough Soak it Away to saturate 2 small lint free cotton pads and submerge 2 nails (quantity will vary due to nail length - if you find yourself leftover with much liquid in the bag, next time try using a little less).  Place your hand in the baggy, and the baggy in the bowl of hot water.  Be careful not to allow any water to get into the baggy - this will reduce the efficiency.  Gently rub all 5 nails against cotton pads as you soak.  After approximately 5-10 minutes, remove hand from baggy and use a orange stick to gently peel away any remaining product.  If it does not roll away easily, soak for a few additional times, focusing on remaining areas with cotton pad.  Wash hands immediately after removal. Side effects: This product contains acetone, so you may feel a warming sensation on your skin. Do not apply to broken skin. Ingredients: Acetone, Vitamin E Acetate, Macadamia Seed Oil, Fragrance, Linalool.


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  1. Nancy Chlapecka

    I love Soak it Away! It smells great & leaves your hands soft!!

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