Dip Liquids


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Our dip liquids are thin, slow-drying, low/no odor, and almost impossible to contaminate! Additionally, our exclusively designed dip liquid packaging offers HUGE benefits!  It is believed that light and heat can negatively affect dip liquids - so we bottle ours in high quality black bottles to reduce negative exposures.  Additionally, the size of our bottles is only 10mL compared to the standard 15mL, which minimizes the quantity of liquid that could potentially be contaminated by improper use.  Lastly, we believe in saving the customer money and these size bottles allow for smaller purchase price points. Not sure which liquids to order? Take our QUIZ to see what's right for you!

Diplomatiq - Dip liquid instructions

REMOVAL: Easily and quickly remove with Soak it Away.

Our liquids are salon quality, gentle, low odor, and nearly impossible to contaminate.

Ready & Hard:
ethyl-acetate, n-hydroxyethyl-m-toluidine (differing percentages), 100% Pure Essential Oil (Hard only)

Stick & Shine:
ethyl-2-cyanoacrylate, polymethylmethacrylate (differing percentages)