Bundle: The United States of Depp vs. The Heardly Believable

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BUNDLE OF 12 COLORS – all 0.25oz, discounted Looking for individual colors? CLICK HERE Don’t forget to join our Claw Contest! Ahem. May we have your attention in the court room. There will be no Objection to this collection – if there is, it’s simply Hearsay. Do you even know The Muffin Man? It Was Your Question, afterall…Did I Read That Right? Were You There? We’ll be taking a Recess to make sure no dogs Step on a Bee. If you need us, we’ll be drinking a Mega-Pint and hoping we don’t spill it On The Pillow 🙃 PS: As a survivor of significant domestic abuse, we know it is easier said than done to speak your truth, to leave, to stand up to your abuser, to realize you’ve been gaslit for years. We encourage everyone who thinks they may be in an abusive relationship to Text START to 88788, call 800-799-SAFE, or chat on thehotline.org 24/7/365



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