What People Think of

Love everything from “take it off” cuticle remover, to the dip colors, to the butter balm! Definitely recommend!

Jaclyn M.

The powders are easy to apply and the cuticle oils are some of my favorite

Tyneka W.

Love love love Diplomatiq nails powders and oil. the powders are soooo smooth and easy to work with. hands down one of my favorite companies to buy dips from, I’m a forever customer.

Larisa O.

Powders are so easy to work with and so smooth didn’t even have to buff!! She also has amazing colors!!

Taylor T.

Love love how easy the powders are to work with

Brenda W.

It’s like a mom and pop restaurant but nail shop

Kristi H.

Absolutely love this dip company! Their colors are unique & vibrant… not to mention the ease to use them. The cuticle oils are exquisite, you can use them as a perfume too!

Alexandra M.

What makes Diplomatiq Nails stand out is the Natural Cuticle Oil they offer which is super awesome and you can order in custom scent!

Jailene C.

Super affordable and she has an amazing selection! Customer service is also out of this world.

Caren M.

I love their nail dip power. High quality and unique colors/mixes! Highly recommend!

Jessi S.

Love this company! Love the beautiful powders and great customer service!

Trysh P.

Diplomatiq powders are fantastic! Beautiful colors silky smooth application with minimal buffing! And the customer service couldn’t be better!!

Dawn T.

Love her and her shop. her stuff is amazing!!!! You gotta try her out! Her powder names alone make her a must try!

Tiffany B.

The best!! All of the colors are amazing and very accurate to what you see in the pictures! So easy to work with! Even the chunky glitter dips are pretty easy to work with compared to others I have used. This is a company I absolutely love, not only because they have amazing products, but because I feel like I’m part of a family!

Kristi H.

Absolutely love this company! The powders are so beautiful, soft, and easy to work with. The custom cuticle oils are to die for also. Customer service is also fantastic. Highlyyyyy recommend!

Jessica P.

Diplomatiq dips are super easy to use. Also the customer service team is very easy to get in contact with and are quick to fix anything. Highly recommend these dip, scrubs, oils, and lotions.

Nikki L.

Every item is beautiful, well packaged, and arrived in a timely manner. The company is very responsive to messages and really cares that their customers have a good experience. 5 Star experience!

Crystal F.

Let me tell you…the quality and variety of these dip powders are amazing! The owner is so sweet, compassionate and very professional. I highly recommend

Latarsha E.

I Love all of the beautiful dip powder colors Diplomatiq offers. They definitely stand out and they are a great price

Ashleigh D.

Love supporting small business first of all, but Lauren makes it easy!! She has amazing colors and products, I can’t wait to try to the cuticle remover!

Jennifer C.

Amazing colors! beautiful glitters and the color changers are amazing.

Amy P.

This company is so amazing, great customer service and the powders are easy to work with

Danielle G.

You can tell they put a lot of effort into creating new colors, which are always unique and amazing, and that they listen to their customers. The powders are all super smooth and easy to work with.

Jailene C.

Love love love these powders! They are so smooth an very easy to work with! Not to mention the colors are stunning!

Kali H.

Has a large selection of colors & very beautiful ones.. makes it hard to pick just one

Stephanie M.

Diplomatiq powders are the easiest to work with and the colors are just gorgeous – not to mention great prices! I love the quarterly subscription option and the butter balm is magic! Also, the owner is super awesome

Korin R.

Amazing bundles monthly. Powder’s are sooo soft and opaque. The colors are unique

Kia C.

This company is just amazing. Customer service is top notch.

Fantasia R.

My two orders of the bewitched balm and the bewitched body butter shipped quickly and the quality and customer service provided are top notch!! Can’t wait for my first subscription (signing up soon! ((Before the 15th)) I know I won’t be disappointed!

Caitlin W.

Hands down the best liquids around!

Brandy L.

I love how responsive they are to questions I’ve never had dipped nails and they were so patient with me. Love that I can save money doing my own nails and love the selection

Theresa R.

These powders are super easy to work with! Beautiful colors!

Tera S.

Love everything about her dips

Theresa B.

These are some of the most amazing dip products I have ever used! The colors are incredible, they are easy to work with and they stay on! Also the customer service is amazing!

Jessica T.

I was so happy when I was able to get my hands on awareness. Such beautiful powders.

Cynthia C.

This company’s dip powder is the silkiest, easiest to work with powder on the market, IMO. I have tried a few other companies, and much prefer Diplomatiq’s. Their cuticle oil is amazing as well as their attention to every customers request and or concerns. Customer service is top notch!!! Thank you ladies for being amazing.

Mary H.

Diplomatiq has to be one of my top 3 favorite nail companies. Lauren is so nice and helpful if I ever have questions. all of the dip powders I’ve gotten have been beautiful and easy to work with. the cuticle oil and butter balms smell AMAZING and are so nourishing. I also love that I get more for my money with the dips and the containers are easier to dip long nails in.

Carson M.

Not only are these dips superior to work with, but the customer service can not be matched.

Maureen G.

I’ve been hunting for a sub bag and out of all the brands, I decided on Diplomatiq. The colors of the previous bags and the price point were perfect for my interest! I can’t wait to receive my first bag and make another purchase!

Rheana L.

These colors are absolutely stunning!

Andrea A.

Love the colors. They are very soft and easy to work with. The colors I have used are very pigmented. I have purchased several and they are fabulous.

Jessica J.

Love the wide selection of products and excellent customer advice. The custom blended cuticle oil is to die for!

Chastity W.

Beautiful and smooth colors! Awesome customer service!

Amanda H.

I have a lot of dips and diplomatiq is by far my favorite. Her powders are smooth, she’s crazy creative, and customer service is phenomenal!!

Nicole B.

I love these dips! They are so easy to work with and the colors are amazing!!!

Seanacie I.

I love Diplomatiq dips! I wish they were around before I bought other brands! They go on so smooth and they have such fun colors!

Kari C.

Diplomatiq Nails has the best dip powder! With a large selection of colors that are so smooth and easy to work with.

Cheryl M.

Love their product and awesome delivery time I highly recommend them

Sarah P.

So so very happy I jumped and ordered! The powders are amazing! The colors are so beautiful and consistent…I must have them all now!

Wendy M.

Absolutely love Diplomatiq! The colors are awesome and so easy once I got the hang of it. Their customer service is wonderful and quick to respond. It’s hard not to buy them all.

Samantha S.

Love these dips! Super fun colors and easy application. Allergic is one of my all time favorite colors.

Denea T.

This company has the most AMAZING customer service I’ve seen. I sold all of my other dip brands for this. I love them.

Savannah S.

I love the unique colors and how smooth they apply. And their cuticle oils are absolutely amazing!

Spring M.

Great customer service. Beautiful dip powders at reasonable prices.

Jennifer R.

Truly some unique powders that are very easy to work with! Love everything I’ve received

Erica H.

I have absolutely love all of the colors I have ordered so far!! Very fast shipping too!

Emily K.